Who We Work With

We make controlling investments in profitable firms east of the Mississippi River that have a sustainable competitive advantage in their marketplaces. 

We are interested in firms that have:

  • Annual revenue between $10 million and $75 million
  • EBITDA between $1 million and $10 million

We are primarily focused on manufacturing, assembly and distribution firms, but are willing to listen to most any attractive opportunity that fits within the financial and geographical parameters outlined above.

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Investment Bankers

Business Principals


Investment Bankers

Selling businesses that they’ve been hired to sell…

  • We are interested in receiving appropriate teasers and are accustomed to working with investment banks in the eastern U.S. and midwest.
  • We will endeavor to give you a quick read, yay or nay, on teasers and investment memorandums.
  • We pride ourselves on our ability to move quickly to the IOI and if appropriate, the LOI stage.
  • We have extensive relationships with local, regional and national senior lenders .
  • We have additional relationships with mezzanine and unitranche providers.
  • We also have experience in the use of rep and warranty insurance (as an example of our flexible approach and problem solving).
  • We will respond promptly to provide IOIs and LOIs, commence due diligence, arrange bank financing and proceed to a closing in the shortest possible time to get the deal done.

Business Principals, Including:

Owners/Entrepreneurs/Executives interested in selling a business directly, without hiring an investment banker

Corporate executives interested in selling a division of a larger firm directly

Executives of a company that are interested in buying their firm from the current owner, i.e. those interested in a Management Buyout

We have the utmost respect for entrepreneurs and

owners of family owned companies.

You can be assured that our team: 

  • will treat the entire encounter as entirely confidential
  • understands the intricacies of family-owned companies, given our history
  • will respond in a timely manner
  • will leverage our extensive banking relationships.

The process by which could proceed as follows:

  • general and conversation about the firm’s size, location, products, ownership structure and profitability to determine if there is a good fit.
  • if there is common interest, we would move on the the NDA stage
  • we would do a much deeper dive into all aspects of the opportunity
  • if all like what they see so far, efforts would be made to determine a preliminary price and legal structure that would be acceptable to both parties
  • the next step would be to sign either an IOI or move on to the LOI stage
  • If and LOI were to be signed, the steps to closing will get spelled out clearly so that there is the utmost transparency.


Such as lawyers, accountants and trusted financial advisors who may know of someone trying to sell a business outright or that is in need of investment.

If you as a lawyer, accountant, or trusted financial advisor have a client or friend who wishes to explore the concept of selling their firm, we would be most interested in hearing their story.

Be assured our team will treat the entire encounter with the utmost confidentiality.