What We Do

Investment Focus

Stonewood is primarily interested in acquiring positions in companies or operating units that fit the following profile:

  • Manufacturing, assembly, or distribution businesses
  • EBITDA between $1 and $10 million
  • Profitable (except for turn-arounds), with stable margins
  • Located in the eastern United States
  • Diversified customer base

Stonewood is most comfortable with proven, committed management teams that have experience in their business sectors.

Private Equity

Stonewood’s executives have considerable experience in both managing and investing in manufacturing, assembly and distribution companies. We have in a wide variety of transaction types and addressed the full range of motivations for transactions, including the following:

Private Equity Investments

Stonewood is very familiar with the sale processes utilized by investment banks, and given our clear investment criteria, our extensive relationships with lenders and our immediate access to our equity funds, we can provide timely feedback and move to close quicker that most firms our size.

Management Buy-Outs

Stonewood provides the capital necessary to purchase a company or business unit from its existing family or corporate ownership in partnership with the operating managers of the business.


Stonewood provides the capital necessary to refinance debt and/or purchase a business from private owners; the owners experience a liquidity event, and they continue to participate actively in management.

Partnership & Shareholder Buy-Outs

Stonewood provides the capital necessary to purchase interests from non-management equity holders and invest with existing owner-operators to grow the business.


Stonewood provides the capital to reduce excess leverage and help management teams weather temporary adverse business conditions.